Our Work

Major Automotive Client

Supporting and maintaining their digital properties in the US

Over the last few years, Fourity has become a reliable partner through our sister agency in supporting and maintaining some of the most critical digital properties in the US for a significant client well established in the automotive industry.


Staff management and work organization

Our client needed a technically modern, user-friendly, flexible and upgradable system to replace the old system. A system that would also eliminate the old systems shortcomings. This new application needed to achieve a lot!

Smarter Logistics

Connect drivers with their carriers!

A tool for the drivers to create and maintain an easily verifiable CDL file. And an ability for the carriers to post their jobs, hire new drivers on-demand and buy monthly/quarterly/yearly membership packages.


Software Solutions for Educational Institute

ICEPS needed a college management software with integrated student management capabilities. The main goal of the software was to support the organizational structure of the college by automating some of the processes.

Omnes Group

Recruiting agency that conducts its business worldwide.

They asked us to redesign their website completely and create an ATS (Applicant Tracking System) which uses the Kanban system to move applicants through the process. They also needed an ability for their clients (companies) to log-in, post jobs and manage candidates.


Innovative educational solution for university management

When Pepperdine University needed a way to optimize an important part of their university management, they turned to us. They were looking for a cross-functional and efficient way to manage its classes. We created an educational solution that is perfect for simplifying their academic process - from scheduling assignments and tracking academic progress to managing student assessments and data. With its user-friendly interface and powerful features, our software makes it easy for Pepperdine University to improve the handling of student data. For professors, data-driven decision-making becomes easy with our software!