Innovative educational solution for university management

This innovative system is a cloud-based solution for university management that helps modernize and optimize daily operations. With its unique approach to learning, professors can easily manage student assignments while tracking academic progress in real-time with ease!

The challenge

For Pepperdine, a university in Southern California with over 10 000 students, managing their data was an immense task. Pepperdine indicated that they needed an efficient way for professors to manage their courses. Also, an essential part of their software requirements was to provide students with a dashboard that tracks all their classes on an easy-to-find page, so there is no confusion about what needs doing next or when it’s time for that exam!

Process & Technology

We needed to explore the student data that they already collected as well as get acquainted with their workflow. After we analyzed their needs and processes, we continued with creating the initial design.

The entire process was a collaboration between our client, their staff, and us. We were able to take all aspects into consideration during development so that this application meets the needs of not just one class but the whole University!

The outcome

We created an innovative educational solution for university management. Our focus was initially on implementing the concept of tokens, and how students can earn them through activities and spend them on assignments. We also implemented a group management system so professors can easily divide students into groups and plan their class schedule and activities.

We believe that the intuitive design and powerful functionality of our educational solution are a great asset to Pepperdine University as well as any educational institution that is ready to streamline operations and improve efficiency. Our solution is the perfect tool for administrators, professors, and students, offering a wide range of features that make managing a university much easier. From scheduling classes to tracking grades, our product makes it easy for everyone involved in university life to stay organized and on top of their responsibilities.