Software Solutions for Educational Institute

ICEPS – International Center for Professional Studies is a college for applied studies in Belgrade that focuses on providing quality education for healthcare personnel. With it’s multidisciplinary community of health science educators, ICEPS became a strategic partner of AMEU-ECM from Slovenia. In 2017 ICEPS became a part of the international higher education system of student education.

The Challenge

After discussing with our clients about the needs of their business we created a development roadmap for this project. ICEPS needed a college management software with integrated student management capabilities. The main goal of the software was to support the organizational structure of the college by automating some of the processes. 

  • A scheduler that covers the dates of the classes, practical lessons and exams available for professors as well as students.
  • An option for professors and assistants to effectively manage their courses.
  • Dashboard for students where they can keep a track of their financials, exams, points, status and classes.
  • Space for the managers of the college to review activities and fees of their employees as well as track payments of their students.
  • Group management system that can easily divide students into groups and plan their class schedule.
  • The ability to notify students and professors via email and Viber

Process & Technology

We needed to create an application from scratch, so it was necessary to start with a detailed audit of the client’s needs and examine their current application. After we had a better understanding of their needs, we continued with creating the initial design.

Because of applications complexity, clients and their staff were included during the entire process of developing this application. Technologies and frameworks we used: C# ASP.Net, AngularJS, Bootstrap 4.

The outcome

We learned a lot about difficulties educational institutions are having and we were able to make their job much easier with our ideas and recommendations. We automated a lot of their business with our application and we are saving them a lot of time. Both students and staff can easily see their statuses and activities and also get notified about them. All of their info is at one place and easily accessible.