Welcome to Fourity

If you ever tried to organize a larger group of people to finish a project together, you probably realized that it’s not just about coming to work, drinking coffee, and writing code. Organizing a successful startup requires much more than just plugging in your laptop every morning in the office.

In order to understand what is causing and driving the success of our company, we will look closely at the values that help create the everyday culture our employees experience when they come to work. We believe that creative and talented people need to share the same values and beliefs to create a successful company. 

In this blog, we listed 15 values that our employees believe represent the pillars of Fourity. Every day we integrate these values into all aspects of our working lives, including our leadership principles. Our team is continuously expanding, and with so much change taking place, having a solid foundation is essential for the proper integration of all team members.


Freedom and Open-mindedness are an essential part of our company.

Freedom to speak what’s on your mind, question decisions that you are not comfortable with, and stand by your beliefs, in its core, demands the consideration of all points of view rather than a single standpoint. If an employee decides to share their thoughts among coworkers, they may encounter a different point of view. We strongly believe that discussions are a healthy way of exchanging ideas as long as they are based on mutual respect, objectivity, and scientific facts. In our company, Freedom also means the right to say no. If you don’t want to participate in an event or speak publicly, it’s your right to say that you are just not comfortable with that idea. You don’t need to explain yourself.


Our company highly values Personal Responsibility, Trust, and Trustworthiness.

We are not into micromanaging. Everybody knows their tasks and what they are supposed to do. Since there isn’t anybody standing over your shoulder, every employee should give their best to finish their responsibilities in time. 

There will be mistakes. It’s only natural that it happens. We expect our employees to be responsible and won’t hide their mistakes. Informing managers as soon as possible about a possible problem is crucial to our working process. Only when we know exactly what happened can we fix issues before they become a problem. That’s how we build mutual trust. 


Maximizing our potential through Learning.

It’s beneficial for our company if a new employee has 15 years of experience and has handled 30+ projects in different companies. But if that’s not the case, we expect our employees to have a very positive attitude towards advancing their skills. We believe that learning is the best way to maximize our company’s potential. That’s one of the reasons why we started with our Fourity Learn program.

We are here to help you grow as an expert in your field, and we would love to know what you want to learn next? Where do you want your career to go? Is there a course you would like to take, or can we provide you with additional information to help you develop your skills?


Our company values Enthusiasm.

We know that it’s hard being enthusiastic on a Monday morning when the rain is pouring down your coat, and you enter soaking wet into the office. We are not into fake smiles, and you don’t have to be super happy if you don’t feel like it. But for us, being a genuinely enthusiastic person means that you are a good listener with a supportive personality that encourages others to think about a problem differently and uniquely. Enthusiasm does not just mean happiness (don’t get us wrong, we love it when you are happy). It also means a positive attitude towards work and a healthy way of addressing challenges around you.


Teamwork, Effectiveness, and Professionalism are core values of our company.

As you already know, we take pride in producing high-quality work and delivering exceptional service to our clients. To lead an effective team, we need to know the strengths and weaknesses of every team member. Building teamwork is not just about having an expensive team-building session. We believe that strategically building a team for crucial projects is an efficient way to tackle a challenge in our company. 

Every team member needs to adhere to a set of standards and a collection of qualities that characterize a professional at work. At Fourity, we are focused on building collaborative and idea-sharing communities where expertise and new information can be shared freely to enhance the effectiveness of every team member.


Our company values Creativity and Uniqueness

Being unique is at the heart of creativity. We believe that creativity is an essential element that fuels big ideas, challenges employees’ thinking, and opens the door to new business opportunities. Not everyone in the company will be creative, but most people can learn the tools and techniques to be innovative.


Fourity values Humor.

Fostering a calm and comfortable working environment is fundamental for us as a company. Helping our employees live happier and healthier lives means constantly investing in recreational spaces and promoting a stress reduction culture. An essential part of that culture is humor. We highly value all positive aspects of laughing, and that’s why you can often hear laughter on our lunch breaks.


Rationality and Flexibility are essential traits of our working culture.

We strongly believe that In the current dynamic global organizational environment, companies face the challenge of embracing change. That’s why companies must have in place flexible corporate cultures that are swift to adapt and embrace change. For us, it’s vital to know the needs of our employees and find the best possible and rational way to help them fulfill their needs and at the same time get the work done. 


Our company culture will always be rooted in collaboration, communication, and consensus. In contrast to traditional companies with a formal understanding of departments, several layers of management, and slow communication processes, we focus on organizing employees in the best, dynamic way to meet the business needs of a changing world. And we must say that we are satisfied with our results. Our company is growing, and we are happy to have the opportunity to work with so many talented people who are ready to take on new challenges and dive into the business world with us.